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Tray Dictionary Review

Posted on 18 March 2011 by Brendan Meehan

Hi There,

Have you ever been in the middle of reading an important document, article, or book, and suddenly come upon a word you didn’t fully understand. Or perhaps you were drafting an important document, or letter, and you wanted to use a particular word, or phrase, and you needed to confirm its meaning before committing it to paper, in order to be sure you were using it in its proper context. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a dictionary right at your hand to help?

As we all know there are many dictionaries available for download  and for use on the net, some are free, and some cost money, but they will all, you will agree,  take up a lot of valuable space on your pc or laptop. You will also have the added trouble of finding the dictionary on your desktop, and waiting for it to open, then going through all the motions of the search, all this is time consuming, and frustrating in a busy environment. Well I think your answer is here, in this little beauty called Tray Dictionary.

Tray Dictionary is a free desktop dictionary that runs in your system tray and is always on hand to help answer those word questions that occur from time to time. It is a no nonsense little tool that will do the job. It is light weight and functional and is another great find on Cnet, The publishers description and download are available here;main  

I hope you find this little gem as useful to you as its been to me.

Thanks for reading.


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