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Secrets of Earning Online Review

Posted on 14 May 2010 by Brian Meehan

The Secrets of Earning Online by Franklyn Jacobs is an 82 page e-book containing information, guides, and templates to get you started in affiliate marketing.

… I was sitting at home one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago watching a documentary about the world economy. This led me to think, what if I lost my current job or was forced to take a pay cut. I asked myself the question. Is there anything I can do now to prepare for such a nasty possibility?

With that thought on my mind I began considering ways to bring in extra money to cover any income shortfall. Later I found myself online looking through work from home ideas when I came upon this website

I found myself persuaded by the content and a few minutes later had completed the online purchase and downloaded the e-book.

Probably the he most appealing factor was to be able to start up a business with very little cash outlay and it was something I could work on in my spare time at home.

I have to admit the idea of Affiliate Marketing was new to me and I was excited at the potential as I read through the book.

Below is a sample of some of the topics covered in the Secrets of Earning Online.

• Chapter 1: Basics of Making Money on the Internet
• Chapter 2: Getting Everything in Order
• Chapter 3: 3 Simple Moves to get Started Earning
• Chapter 4: Building your Money Making Website
• Chapter 5: Unleashing a Tsunami of Traffic
• Chapter X: The Bottomline of Internet Marketing

All of the topics are covered in detail with guides and tutorials to lead you through each stage of the setup. The e-book contains tips on effective budgeting, building an add with impact and a checklist for identifying a good web page.

In addition to the Secrets of Earning Online you will receive a free e-book, The Maximum Effect by Google. This book is a great resource for getting the most out of your Adwords campaigns.

• Chapter 1: Setting Goals
• Chapter 2: Selecting Keywords
• Chapter 3: Developing Ads
• Chapter 4: Creating Destinations
• Chapter 5: Tracking Results
• Chapter 6: Optimizing Again

In my opinion the Secret of Online Earning e-book is a legitimate product, although it has some drawbacks which will be covered later in the review. It does come with the safety net of a 60 day money back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to make your mind up about the ebook.

The Pros:

• Straightforward purchase and download procedure.
• Clear and easy to follow instructions to get you started into affiliate marketing.
• A 7 day plan to success.
• 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Cons:

• The Clickbank website has gone through a facelift since the e-book was released so the screenshots are slightly outdated. However the Clickbank website is very well laid out and navigation should not be a problem.


• Will the Secrets of Earning Online make you rich overnight? I doubt it! If you are new to Affiliate Marketing it’s a good starting point with enough information to get you up and running. But it’s going to take some time and effort before you start seeing real results.

As quoted by Jacobs, ‘Making money on the internet is not easy but can be simple once you know exactly what to do’. >>

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