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Readon TV Player Review

Posted on 12 March 2011 by Brendan Meehan

Over the past year or so I have been searching for an Internet TV site where I could watch some TV on my PC, with perhaps some live sports available too. I was hoping to find something affordable, that was good value for money, and that would meet my needs. During my search I downloaded and tried out many different programmes and visited many different sites, too numerous to mention here. I found some good and some bad, some free and some subscription sites, but nothing to match the programme I will talk about now.

During one of my frequent visits to a site called CNet.  I came across a programme called Readon  Tv Movie Radio player,  and I was tempted to give it a try. Readon TV and Radio Player is free. It comes as a ZIP file. The editors review and download can be found at

I was amazed at the amount of working channels it has to offer, and the soccer and live sports alone were a great find. There is a comprehensive genre section with channels from all over the world . Right up to the minute movies are available from the search engine, which has thousands of movies to choose from. A word of warning,  it also provides access to quite a bit of adult content but it provides a password-protected filter for users who want to disallow access to this, and for me the other features of this programme are definitely a winner.

After you have downloaded and installed the programme I would suggest that you also install all the plugins in the plugins section by carefully following the instructions. They will be needed in time to watch the different  channels available. There is a movie search engine which is a must and  should be updated each time one is available. I would also suggest that you do not allow desktop icons for these plugins  to install because they will only add clutter to your desktop and the programme will launch them anyway as required. The only icon you may need on the desktop is the Readon player icon, which installs automatically anyway.

I have watched some great movies and some very entertaining football matches on this site which I would have missed otherwise. I’m sure there are some negatives points, but so far I haven’t found any. Hope you find this information helpfull and that you get hours of quality entertainment from this great programme.

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