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Launchy Review

Posted on 05 April 2011 by Brendan Meehan

Hi again, this time I want to tell you about Launchy a great little find, and one I use every day to great effect. It is so simple to install and use, and will also help to unclutter your desktop.

I tend to download and try out a lot of software as a hobby, and part of the process of installing it, is to add an icon to my desktop for easy access later on. Before too long I found that my desktop looked like it was in a blizzard of icons leaving me unable to see the lovely picture of my family I had displayed as wallpaper earlier. Now I know that there are many ways to tidy up your desktop, but Launchy is the neatest I’ve come across so far, and it’s free.

By pressing Alt and Spacebar you launch the utility which is quietly running in the background, a word box is displayed into which you begin to type the name of the programme or file you want to launch, and hey presto, before you have even finished typing the name, Launchy begins to display options from your start menu as quick as that. When you see what you want, just click, and launchy fades to the background again, and the required Item opens up.

It’s just an amazing little utility and one I can recommend. The author’s review and download can be found here.;1

Enjoy B.M.

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