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DVD Catalyst 3

Posted on 24 April 2010 by Brian Meehan

Wish you could watch your favourite DVDs on your mobile phone? DVD Catalyst 3 is a simple to use video conversion software that easily converts your movies and TV shows into a format that can be viewed on a large variety of devices, including Apple’s iPod and iPhone devices, Blackberry, Pocket PC, PSP, XBOX 360 and PS3.

A key benefit of DVD Catalyst is that it provides an easy method to quickly convert DVDs and popular video formats to files that are small in size (for easy transfer) without an obvious compromise on picture quality.

DVD Catalyst is very easy to use. Once you install DVD Catalyst 3 on your computer, it provides you with a few basic options to begin with. Just use the drop-downs on the left to select your device. All the popular brands are represented, as well as a few generic options for certain device groups (Pocket PC’s, Netbooks etc) If you already have a DVD in your computer, DVD Catalyst will automatically find it, otherwise, put a DVD in your computer. Then just click Go, and DVD Catalyst will do it’s thing to make the DVD into a video file for your selected device/player. Once complete, DVD Catalyst will eject the DVD, and all you need to do is transfer the video file to your smartphone, blackberry, zune, zen or iPhone.

iPhones, Zunes, Smartphones lack a DVD drive, so to be able to put a movie on these devices, a DVD needs to be changed into something that will work with them. You can buy/rent movie files from Apple’s iTunes store, but these only work with iPod and iPhone devices. If you own a Zune, a PSP or anything else, you can not use iTunes to get your movies. While some companies do offer video downloads one way or another, they usually require you to pay for movies you probably already own on DVD anyway.

This is where DVD Catalyst comes in. DVD Catalyst transforms your DVD movies and TV shows into video files that you can use with your device. By installing DVD Catalyst on your computer, you can convert your own DVD collection (as well as video files you might already have) into something that will play on your Blackberry, PocketPC etc. No need to pay for the movies again, or worry about watching them within a day before they expire.

With DVD Catalyst you can watch your own movies and TV shows in a waiting room, entertain the kids on a long ride, or show off your home recordings to your colleagues, regardless of what device you use.

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